About Peter:

Peter Leibold is a lighting designer for theatre, dance, opera, music, and anywhere else light can exist. Currently he is based in both NYC and Washington DC.

Peter grew up in a small town in the Gold Rush Foothills of California where he became excited about theatre through a school program at Sierra Repertory Theatre. He attended the University of California, Irvine and spent four years studying both performance and lighting design. Upon graduation, Peter was hired at Sierra Repertory Theatre as the Resident Lighting Designer and Master Electrician and worked there for three years. During this time, he built his knowledge of real world design and how to create within a low budget. In 2013, Peter was nominated for a Broadway World SF award for best lighting design of a musical.

He then freelanced for a year and returned to school for a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Maryland to study under esteemed Broadway lighting designer Brian MacDevitt. At the same time, Peter assisted several designers at well known companies in the DC area, spent a month with Jahpy Weideman on a Broadway show through the Hemsley Mentorship Program, and designed all over the DC area.

Peter loves the art and the influence of lighting design, from the subtle shifts that aid the focus and emotional beats of a dramatic play to the exciting pulse and drive in a rock musical and everything in between. It's so exciting to create something that cannot be touched, cannot be held, but as a part of something bigger, means so much.



Peter Leibold's Resume

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